If you manage Amazon Web Services EC2 instances from Windows, you really need AWS Instance Manager

The tool for AWS developers and administrators

designed by AWS developers and consultants.

Manage all your AWS instances in all regions in a single console.

Save time and hundred of dollars in AWS instances cost.

AWS Instance Manager

New Version 1.1 released on October 28, 2014

Remote Desktop your AWS Instance with One Click

Connect or Remote Desktop an instance (on the AWS web site) will take 11 steps!


or you just Remote Desktop an AWS instance with one single click.

AWS Simple RDP

Create a AWS Instance in One Single Screen

Enter basic information and AWS Instance Manager will take care of the rest.

AWS Create Quick Instance

Create AWS Instance

Use advanced settings to build instances.

Step 1: Select the Region. Then use filters to list Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
(more filters are coming soon!)

AWS Create Quick Instance

Step 2: select an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

AWS Create Quick Instance

Step 3: enter the Instance Name and choose Instance Type (Virtual Machine size).
Choose the Network (VPC) and Availability zone.
Then, select or create a new Key Pair file.

AWS Create Quick Instance

Step 4: Create or select existing Security Groups.
Or even better, let our tool create the Security Group and firewall rules.

AWS Create Quick Instance

Step 5: Review the information and build the instance.

AWS Create Quick Instance

Key Pair Manager

Simplify the build process. Manage all Key Pair keys in a single place.

AWS Create Quick Instance

System Log

Check instance system log. Very useful for troubleshooting.

AWS System Log

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